Arias Thomas is a radio, mixtape, and scratch DJ. Born with a passion for music, Arias began playing drums at the age of seven. Growing up, Arias committed himself to the life of music, taking high awards in state competitions, giving show stopping performances at school band concerts and devoting much of his time to perfecting his craft. Little did he know, however, that playing drums was only a beginning chapter in his life. After graduating high school, Arias enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Marine Musician playing percussion. He was able to see the world and travel to many countries including Japan, Guam, and Malaysia. With hundreds of gigs under his belt, his passion for the instrument grew tired. Looking for a release, he ran to the world of turntables and two channel mixers, not knowing that this would change his life forever. A young 25-year-old sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, he served his country proudly, playing for the important of the important, but could also be found late at night in enlisted clubs and local venues rocking crowds to all genres of music. Coming down to the final months of Arias's military contract, it was expected for him to continue on and climb the ranks of a true noncommissioned officer. Arias, however, had different plans for his coming years. 


With an honorable discharge, Arias headed for radio school in La Crosse Wisconsin, where he learned the radio way of DJing and was able add that to his arsenal. Upon graduating, he was offered a job for Semester at Sea Cruise Line, which is when his cruise line career begin as a DJ. For three years strong Arias experienced what it was like to DJ and host for Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, and Holland America Line Cruises. He added to his list of visited countries Mexico and Australia. Even though the Bahamas is apart of the United States, it’s a place of its own and that deserved to be put on that list of visitations. Finishing up the year of 2015, Arias decided it was time to take his talent to the next level. On his 27th Birthday, Arias made a promise to himself that he would finally pursue the dream of all dreams; his own radio NETWORK. Calling it quits to the seven seas, Arias is giving his all to the radio world EXPOSING HIS PRODUCTION "The Arias Thomas Radio NETWORK". 


ARIAS HAS MADE UP HIS MIND HE IS ON THIS EARTH to leave an everlasting impression. And not really just an impression but a mark, a positive one. With HIS radio network, talent, and hardwork HE WANTS to help people become better people, that might sound like it doesn't make sense but it actually does. the reason why HE started this network is because HE thinSk that the content that's being played over radio airwaves is shit right now, and HE'S going to use HIS talents, hardwork and ambition to change that, because that's what you do right? If you don't like something you don't complain or gossip about it, you change it...

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